Fritz’s participates in charitable giving throughout the community in several ways. Depending on the organization there are a few different ways in which we can show support.

During dine-to-donate events we donate 15% of the bill of every patron who mentions your organization on the specified date.

We also consider donations in the form of gift certificates or food contributions to other organizations.

If your request meets the following criteria, please call the restaurant during business hours or email us at

    General Criteria
  • Requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to your event.
  • Fundraisers must directly benefit a charity or cause that your organization supports.
  • Checks will only be made payable directly to the charity or organization the funds will benefit. Personal checks will not be written.

    Dine to Donate Criteria
  • Events that take place on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will only be considered. Hours of the event will take place from 11am-9pm.
  • Receipts of patrons who mentioned your organization at the time of transaction will be saved and tallied at the end of the night.
  • Promotion of the event will take place in advance and be the sole responsibility of the organization. Solicitation of patrons at the event is strictly prohibited.
  • Checks will be cut within 7 days of your event.


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